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Welcome to the fastest growing Martial Arts center on Cape Cod. We specialize in the arts of Kempo Karate and Russian Systema. Give us a call and ask about one of our ongoing student specials. 

We teach empty hand Kempo Karate, Russian Systema and various martial arts weapons, such as sword, staff, sai, kama, the stick and the blade. Almost no other form of exercise can be done at any time or any place without equipment as easily and as beneficially as the martial arts. 

We would like to welcome you to our website, and invite you to stop in for more information on kempo karate and our school. Check out our upcoming events link for seminars and tournaments. 

Check out our pictures link to see photos of the happenings at our school. 

Cape Cod Martial Arts Academy is a proud affiliate of Kempo Jutsu-Kai International 

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